Tampa Tile | Ways to Make the Backsplash the Focal Point of Your Kitchen
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Ways to Make the Backsplash the Focal Point of Your Kitchen

Ways to Make the Backsplash the Focal Point of Your Kitchen

The kitchen backsplash can be an excellent opportunity to create a high-end focal point in your kitchen and echo the overall style of space. In an all-white kitchen, it can be the needed pop of color. It can be the break you need between kitchen cabinets or just a seamless transition between them. The backsplash is the best place to add a pattern, texture, or additional color to your kitchen. We have put together a list of six essential things to consider when creating your backsplash into a focal point. Here are some easy ways to make it happen.

  1. Choose Between Neutral or Colors

It is the first decision you need to make. Do you want your backsplash to remain in the neutral zone or to be colorful? Whichever one you choose, you will add more character to the kitchen space (although colorful backsplash has a more immediate impact.)

  1. Use a Pattern of Color

With bright patterns, you can incorporate a focal point into your backsplash and add more texture, especially if your kitchen is all-white or neutral. Consider going for the Parquet or Herringbone pattern because their offset pattern can draw in the eye.

  1. Handpainted

If you love hand-painted tiles, they range from traditional to contemporary styles. Everything depends on the collection you want and how you want to install them. It may cost you more because the entire process is detailed, as everything must be painted by hand. Before you go for it, choose your tile and set a budget.

  1. Shapes

What kind of forms do you like? Fun patterns or classic shapes? Should you opt for specially-shaped tiles or a classic field tile with an offset pattern? Well, you can have both if you want. Frame any new tile shapes and surround it with field tile. You can choose between the architectural moldings or field tile to frame out an exciting kitchen look. If you want a timeless design that will transcend changing trends, then stick with a classic field tile in a subway tile layout or straight set pattern.

  1. Material

Choosing the right color for your backsplash is as essential as the material. Do you want brick or ceramic tile? Porcelain, marble, slate, or granite? If your kitchen is covered in ceramic tile, make a transition to granite or marble tiles in your backsplash. You can also choose it according to the style you want to achieve. Brick is the best choice if your kitchen is industrial or rustic. Ceramic tile is best for contemporary, clean styles.

  1. Backsplash Height

A detail that homeowners often overlook is where your backsplash ends. It depends on you, but the deciding factor is how the kitchen cabinets have been placed. As a rule of thumb, bring it up to the bottom of the first shelf or cabinet in an open design.

As an excellent opportunity for a focal point, pay some attention to bringing your backsplash design to perfection. Choose the tile color, shapes, materials, and go for a straight or combined look. When creating your backsplash into a focal point, and you can’t figure it out by yourself, reach out to a design consultant or designer.