Tampa Tile | Soothing and Beautiful: How a Warm Tile Floor Adds a Touch of Luxury to Your Home
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Soothing and Beautiful: How a Warm Tile Floor Adds a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

Soothing and Beautiful: How a Warm Tile Floor Adds a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

We all love a little warmth underfoot, and it’s no surprise. There’s something about radiant floor heating that makes it feel both comfortable and comforting. We’re generally not accustomed to warm floors, so perhaps that’s part of its appeal, but radiant floor heating is getting more on trend, especially in new construction. It’s a great way to add an effortlessly luxurious touch to your home, and it works great in combination with beautiful tile. Let’s have a closer look at this trend and see how to make the best possible use out of it:

Radiant Floor Heating and Tile

Radiant floor heating can work well with almost any floor covering, but it shines the most in tile-covered areas like the kitchen and especially the bathroom. It’s lovely to walk out of the shower and step onto a pleasing warm floor. And having your feet heated while you’re standing in front of the kitchen sink or stove also adds a sense of comfort that you can’t achieve with anything else. Of course, other flooring types like stone, vinyl, wood, laminate, and even carpet can benefit from radiant floor heating, but with tile, it is remarkable.

No Cold Spots, and Energy Efficiency

Our Northern neighbors know that with radiators, it’s common to encounter cold spots, which are the areas where the heat isn’t accessing. Additionally, space closest to the heaters gets so warm it’s almost stuffy, and when you open the window to let some of that out, you’re letting out the energy that you’re paying for.

For our Florida friends, all central heating is done with a heat pump, and that often ensures that some rooms of the house will be warmer than others. It doesn’t happen with warm tile floors — radiant floor heating is more energy efficient as well as consistent. You’ll find no cold spots in the house and will enjoy a comfortable, pleasant environment.

Easy to Run and Maintain

It takes time to install radiant floor heating, but it’s worth it once you know that the system requires little to no maintenance. It usually comes with a 30-year Guarantee, so you know it will last you a long time. It’s also quite easy to operate with options like smart WiFi thermostats, or programmable ones that allow you to customize your house heating times.

Warm tile floors can make such a difference in the design and feel of your home. With radiant floor heating, you’re saving energy and ensuring your home gets true heating. Additionally, being able to plan your room layout without having to worry about radiators is a great benefit. So don’t hesitate to add a touch of luxury to your home with warm tile floors.