Tampa Tile | Seven Best Beach-Inspired Bathroom Decor Ideas
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Seven Best Beach-Inspired Bathroom Decor Ideas

Seven Best Beach-Inspired Bathroom Decor Ideas

Enjoying beach life in the summer the best part of living in Florida. Sunshine, soothing waves and breathtaking sunsets have the power of washing the stress of everyday life away. Therefore it’s not surprising that we want to cling to that beautiful beach vibe even when we’re at home. Fortunately, the creative home design provides an opportunity to turn a bathroom into your beachy oasis.

Let yourself be inspired by the ocean color palette, the texture of seashells, or the serenity of a quiet morning on the beach. However, if you don’t have the time for contemplation, have a look at our seven best beach-inspired bathroom decor ideas that will bring the ocean vibes to your home through beautiful combinations of materials, textures, and colors.


1.    Use Driftwood

If seeing driftwood instantly makes you think of your favorite beach, why not incorporate it into your bathroom design? This material is excellent for mirror frames or shelves, as well as accents that you may scatter throughout. Alternatively, you could hang some elaborate driftwood wall decorations.

2.    Create an Ocean Display

Your bathroom could be a great place to display various memorabilia you gathered while beachcombing. Seashells and different-colored rocks can make your bathroom storage area more interesting if you arrange them carefully into a beachy decorative display.

3.    Install Ocean Blue Tiles

If you’re longing for the crystal clear blue of the waves, you could try to mimic it with deep blue or turquoise tiles. Whether you opt for ceramic or glass tiles, it’s one of the most straightforward ways to bring the ocean blue into your home. Even a backsplash mosaic in ocean hues can lift the overall appearance of your bathroom and make you feel like you’re on a beach.

4.    Go for Nautic Vibes

To expand on the topic of color schemes, if you prefer a more subtle approach you could create a nautic vibe by using pops of navy-blue in a crisp white bathroom and add some ship-like elements through wooden accents or decorations. The combination of these elements will give you an instantly recognizable maritime feel.

5.    Incorporate Pebble Tile

In case you prefer a more neutral color scheme but still want to add an attractive focal point to your bathroom, consider designs that incorporate pebble tile. They work great as cut-offs on smaller surfaces in case you’re reluctant to use them as shower flooring.

6.    Hang Ocean-Inspired Art

Art can do wonders to bring attention to a focal point of a room, and for your beach-inspired bathroom, it only fits to use art that evokes memories of time spent at the beach. Cooling azure hues would bring visual refreshment, or you could use sandy shades that add a little more warmth.

7.    Add a Boho Rug

If your bathroom needs a pop of color, you can add it with a bohemian-inspired bathroom rug that goes well with your beach theme. Don’t be afraid to go bold — it just might be the final element that’s lacking to pull the whole design together.


With these decoration ideas, hopefully, you’ve gathered enough food for thought to come up with your own ideal beach-inspired bathroom design. Look for inspiration in the textures and colors of the ocean and sand, and you won’t go wrong.