Tampa Tile | Quick Bathroom Fixes to Help Sell Your Home
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Quick Bathroom Fixes to Help Sell Your Home

Quick Bathroom Fixes to Help Sell Your Home

When you decide to sell your home, before you let potential buyers see the property, there are few quick fixes to improve its overall look. If you don’t have the budget for a total bathroom remodel, you can do a lot without spending big bucks. On the other hand, even the smallest things can throw off your potential buyers. Take a look at these great tips that require a bit of your sweat.

  1. Change the Light Fixtures

Replacing all the light fixtures in the bathroom is probably the easiest way to breathe more life and bring the room into this millennium. It provides a facelift by brightening it up and making it appear more prominent.

  1. Change the Shower Heads

With a tutorial from YouTube, you can change the shower heads yourself. It will improve the form, function, and look of your shower cabin. Today, shower heads offer features such as water conservation, adjustable height, multiple spray settings, massages, and other. Buyer’s like to see these kinds of improvements that make a bathroom feel a bit like a spa.

  1. Update Cabinets

Elevate the space by buying a few high-quality cabinets. It can be inexpensive but depends mainly on how many cabinets there are in the room. Add a few luxury accessories, such as a quality wooden stool, towel rack, and a black-and-white q-tip box. These will pay off handsomely.

  1. Change the Tile

Is your bathroom tile old and chipped? Well, it’s time to replace it and, luckily, there are so many tile options you can choose from! Make your bathroom colorful with tiles with beautiful patterns that will make your bathroom look fresh and stylish. We suggest you to go with natural stone such as marble or travertine. If you’re going with porcelain floor tile, make sure to install slip-resistant tiles or ones with textured surfaces, because porcelain floor tiles can be very slippery when wet. The professionals at Tampa Tile can help you find the tile that’s right for you.

  1. Install a Low-Flow Toilet

For this fix, you’ll need a whole new toilet so it might be the most expensive fix on our list. However, it will pay off because your local regulation might require having low-flow toilets in the house before you can sell it. Also, you’ll save more on water while you’re still living in that house.

  1. Fresh Caulk

First, use a box-cutter or razor to cut out and remove old grout. Clean the mildew underneath it, then grab a caulk gun and start applying fresh caulk. You’ll be surprised to see how it makes your bathroom feel and look brand new.

Improving the look and feel of a bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. With these simple, low-budget tweaks, you can reap some huge rewards when the time comes to sell the house. Instead of spending weeks and months on the home market, boost your home’s value to sell it more quickly.