Tampa Tile | New Year, New Home! Home Makeover Tips for 2019
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New Year, New Home! Home Makeover Tips for 2019

New Year, New Home! Home Makeover Tips for 2019

New Year is the perfect time for making changes in our lives. There’s something about the coming of each new year that makes us feel like we can do anything. With all the Christmas and New Year decorating, putting up a Christmas tree and colorful lights, we may get the urge to do more with our homes than decorate. If you’re itching for a home makeover to carry you through 2019, here are some tips that might help:

2019 Makeover Trends for the Kitchen

As the heart and soul of every family home, your kitchen requires special attention. A few prominent trends in kitchen design are:

  • Statement flooring — 2019 is all about making bold choices, and a colorful patterned tile on the kitchen floor translates that into an aesthetic statement;
  • Artisanal light fixtures — being unique can be challenging to achieve with factory-made furniture, which is why designers are turning to local artists and small businesses for statement pieces such as light fixtures;
  • Mixed metals and finishes — uniformity is dull, so mix and match different metals for your kitchen finishes and still pull off a cohesive look that makes sense;
  • Two-toned cabinets — adding to the mismatched trend, cabinets in two complementary colors can be quite useful;
  • Moroccan and Spanish tiles — intricate patterns and bright colors will make any kitchen lively and beautiful.


2019 Makeover Trends for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are next on our list of makeover tips, and there are a lot of trends to look out for in 2019:

  • Trough sinks — also known as the bucket sink, it is a subtle nod towards the vintage style which is going to be on trend in 2019;
  • Geometric patterns — if you want to be bold, geometric patterns on your tile will make your shower pop;
  • Honeycomb tile — different shapes are going to be on trend, and honeycomb tile is a beautiful, versatile choice;
  • Big bathtubs and open showers — your bathing space is a sacred oasis of relaxation, and designers deem it should be as big as possible in 2019.


2019 Makeover Trends for the Living Room

Living space might be the most significant makeover of all, considering the time we spend in our living rooms. Some of the trends that are going to be reigning in 2019 are:

  • Boho style — boho is coming back, which is excellent news for all homeowners who want a touch of whimsical character and a laid-back approach in their living space;
  • Bold colors — statement pieces like sofas in bold colors such as burnt yellow or deep, warm red will make an impact in 2019;
  • 70’s appeal — the ‘70s are back, and with them, we get curved furniture, warm palettes, and overall funkiness.


2019 Makeover Trends for the Bedroom

For the bedroom, you could go in any direction you want, as long as you feel comfortable and safe. Look out for these trends:

  • Canopy beds — a canopy bed is a perfect getaway and a true comforting presence in a bedroom;
  • Wallpaper — as a design element that’s slowly been gaining popularity again, the wallpaper will be big in 2019, primarily when it can provide pops of color and visual interest like agate wallpaper does;
  • Statement ceiling — gone are the days of statement walls, and now designers turn to statement ceilings to visually open up a room and add interesting details to it.

However, when deciding to redesign your home in the New Year, make use of some of that ‘new beginnings’ positivity. Also, visit us at Tampa Tile to spark your project with the inspiration gained by beautiful authentic tiles. Your fresh design can help you retain it throughout 2019!