Tampa Tile | Must-Know Decorating Tips for People with Young Kids
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Must-Know Decorating Tips for People with Young Kids

Must-Know Decorating Tips for People with Young Kids

The kid-friendly design is a challenge you’ll need some creativity to overcome, but it can be done with a lot of success. The trickiest part is to pick out furniture that’s both practical and appealing to your sense of aesthetic. If you lack experience in that department and your kids are starting to turn into little exploration machines prone to accidents and disasters; read on. With our five must-know decorating tips for people with young kids, you’ll be prepared to weather any furniture-related storm.

1. Choose Flooring Carefully

Design starts with the basics, and flooring definitely fits into that category. When it comes to flooring, you have to consider practicality as well as durability. One of the most durable flooring options is tile, and it has the added bonus of easy cleaning. If your kids aren’t too young, they could also help you pick out the design or color, which will make them feel more involved in the design process and more inclined to take good care of their choice. On the other hand, choosing a hard surface flooring if you have toddlers means you’ll probably have to place an area rug over it to provide cushioning for falls.


2. Reconsider Using Materials or Finishes You Can’t Wipe Clean

Washable paint might be your savior when the kids start unleashing their inner artists on the unsuspecting walls. That’s not the only source of danger since walls and doors generally suffer from young kids around. You also might want to consider a leather sofa or any other material that’s easily wiped. For your dining table, pick a material that doesn’t stain easily, or add a protective finish or a layer on top.

3. Invest in Durable Furniture

It may seem like somewhat of a paradox, but opting for quality-made furniture can save you a lot of frustration and money if you have a destructive couple of youngins running around. When you’re buying a sofa, bed or lounge chair, you should keep in mind that the kids will try using it as a trampoline at some point. The furniture you choose should be able to withstand all the damage children can inflict, instead of falling apart at the seams upon slightest pressure.

4. Washable Rugs and Pillows Are a Must

It may be hard to let go of that gorgeous rug you have to spot clean or take to a professional every time there’s a spilling accident, but it’s probably for the best. Replace all high-maintenance rugs, pillows, and beddings with something you can throw into the washing machine and have it come out effortlessly clean. Odds are those pieces will follow a more straightforward style, which will also help you cut back the time spent fluffing pillows and keeping everything looking good.

5. Go for a Simple Look

You can choose a variety of design styles, but you have to remember to keep it simple and as low-maintenance as possible. That doesn’t mean your house should be virtually empty, but opting for a clean-lined style with no frills or nooks and crannies in the furniture is an excellent direction to take. The kids will also be safer with fewer things to tug on, so let go of curtains and fabric-covered tables in favor of more streamlined options.


When kids are around; the home becomes less about aesthetics and more about practicality and warmth. Until the kids grow up enough to learn to take care of furniture, your design choices might be limited, but the family happiness will undoubtedly make up for that.