Tampa Tile | Make Your Home’s Interior Pop with a Tile Statement Wall
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Make Your Home’s Interior Pop with a Tile Statement Wall

Make Your Home’s Interior Pop with a Tile Statement Wall

The two most expensive home renovation projects that you can undertake are the bathroom and kitchen. They often require installing tiles, which can be a significant investment, so the last thing you want to do is pay for a brand-new tile floor and find out that it’s out of style. With the right (timeless and contemporary) style, you can make your interior pop with a tile statement wall.

What is a Feature Wall?

The feature wall has become a more prominent design element in contemporary homes. It is one wall (or a section of a wall) that differs from the other walls in material, texture, and color. A feature wall stands out or pops, with homes having a feature wall in only one room (typically a living room or master bedroom.) Regardless of which room has a feature wall, it can create a high focal point while adding depth to the area.

Popular Small Tiles

Small tiles or mosaic tiles have become increasingly popular, and they come in a variety of color and shapes. Tiles in retro porcelain style or marble create an engaging surface while giving the illusion of texture.

Play with Interesting Patterns

A patterned tile could be your thing if you want to add an intriguing element to your new en-suite or creative flair to your renovated bathroom. If you stay in hotels frequently, you may notice that they are replacing their old tiles with new, patterned ones to attract their customers’ attention hoping that they will snap and share it on social media. For a mix of classic and fun look, think about going for a monochrome palette with gold brassware.

Rustic Revival

Those who love the rustic look can get brick-patterned tile for a statement wall. They will add character, and it’s the ideal backdrop for industrial-style furniture and details.

Herringbone Tile

The herringbone tile has a striking design that can work great both on flooring and walls. It offers the same allure as a traditional wooden parquet, and you can mix tile hues to achieve a bolder look and make a bigger wow-effect. A great idea for homes with big wall shelves – install herringbone tiling as a backdrop inside or behind the shelves to add the contrast to the wall tiles.

Modern Metro

The classic metro tile statement walls are still in style, but for a complete current make-up, consider teaming it up with hexagonal or patterned tile. It is the year when we should let metro have its moment. Take a look at slim retro tiles in an array of everything from neutrals to pastels colors in a texture.

When you walk into a room, a statement wall is there to demand your attention. There are no rules to follow because the more unlikely or outlandish feature walls are, the more impressive effect they will produce. One way to set your living room, kitchen, or bedroom apart, get creative but first research on all types of new tiles you can get your hands on. At Tampa Tile we have partnered with skilled ceramist from all over the world to bring you the most authentic and creative tile. Visit us to get inspired!