Tampa Tile | How to Make Every Home Feel Like a Beach Home with Coastal Style Elements
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How to Make Every Home Feel Like a Beach Home with Coastal Style Elements

How to Make Every Home Feel Like a Beach Home with Coastal Style Elements

People like a beachy vibe in their homes because it makes them feel relaxed. Patterns and textures add a lot of interest without strong colors, so they work great for that particular style. The muted and washed tones combined with natural elements complement the look, and with some lazy bags, large floor cushions, and a pile of cushions on the bed – you’re ready for the perfect summer afternoon. Take a look at how you can achieve that house-on-the-beach feel.

  1. Beachy Colors

Go for a light color palette. A backdrop of neutral or white tones is always the winner of the coastal feel. Vanilla or milky white tones perfectly complement a calm and cool backdrop that will have your beachy colors to pop subtly. Think about some muted shades of blues and greens for your home accessories and furniture. It will keep a constant neutral theme throughout the ceilings, walls, and woodwork.

  1. Coastal Decor

Open-weave floor rugs in natural colors allow you to introduce coastal texture and color. Throw in some vases in teals and blues, large glass bowls or bottles, and some washed-back picture frames. No need to go far with pieces of driftwood and shells to catch this vibe. Go with subtle additions, because the impact will be stronger.

You can incorporate anything to do with the sea to take the coastal décor style. Find jute rope, trunks, and even maritime maps. With some white and gauzy drapes and open windows, you’ll feel like you’re enjoying a beautiful sea breeze.

  1. Furniture

Large furniture pieces, like sideboards, can provide an aged effect in washed grey timber tones. Consider making a large lounge with some neutral-tone slipcovers. Also, introduce some white and white-washed pieces to make everything like a real beach house destination.

  1. Plants for a Tropical Feel

Can you use plants to recreate the island tropical feel? Yes, you can choose some oversized plants with broad and glossy leaves in deep green colors. The green goes hand-in-hand with the neutrals, whites, washed greys, and blues. Use large pots too, for your tropical flowers, and they will add a vibrant feel.

Why chase the coastal style for your home? Well, it somehow manages to evoke the sense of meditation and peace. It makes things feel grounded, comfortable, soothing and welcoming. A great refuge amid the everyday chaos.

  1. Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the best options for a beach-style home. It is strong, easy-to-clean, durable, and come in various options such as rectangles, squares, planks, and mosaic. They are very affordable and help in maintaining cooler temperatures (if you live in a hot climate). Some tile manufacturers combine their glass cutting skills and artistic talents to create custom tile products, such as seaside-themed tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, and fireplace surrounds.

At Tampa Tile you can find a variety of Coastal collections like Key – a tile inspired by the fossil stones found through the Florida Keys.  Or consider using the Vietresi, for a more Mediterranean Coastal style – inspired in the bright and colorful tiles found along the Amalfi coast.

No matter the coastal style you decide on, we have the products to help not only “get the look”, but also have the quality you desire. Come by or call us to help you find the perfect match for your project.