Tampa Tile | History
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Tampa Tile was founded by Domenic DiFabrizio with his son Ernest and his daughters Antionette, Henriquez, and Dina Parrino in 1953. Tampa Tile & Terrazzo in the 1950s was characterized by a lot of hard work. Domenic, Ernest, and his sons-in-law were up early each day and often on the job by 7 a.m.


By the early 1960s, there were over 100 people working at Tampa Tile. In 1973, Domenic fazed out of the day-to-day operations and passed management to the second generation and left his son Ernest in-charge of Tampa Tile’s operations. Ernest put great work and effort into the business, turning Tampa Tile into an establishment in South Tampa. His son Jerry DiFabrizio came to work with Ernest at Tampa Tile showing high interest in the business. By 1990, Jerry became the third generation to run of this family owned and managed business.


Jerry, a true visionary, had big plans for Tampa Tile. Some of which you can see today in Tampa Tile’s state of the art showroom. Many projects lie ahead of this 65 years Tampa establishment to continue its promise of bringing Tampa Bay the most authentic, high-quality tile in the market.

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