Tampa Tile | From Boring to Amazing: How to Upgrade Your Powder Room
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From Boring to Amazing: How to Upgrade Your Powder Room

From Boring to Amazing: How to Upgrade Your Powder Room

We’ve all seen those fantastic powder room pictures on Pinterest or house decoration blogs and wish ours looked that amazing. If you’re getting around to redecorating or upgrading your powder room, here is your chance to make it as pretty as it can be.

However, such a small space inevitably poses a design problem that is harder to solve than it may seem. Let’s look at a few easy ways to take your powder room from boring to amazing:

Color Makes All the Difference

One of the ways to make a small space visually interesting is with color. You don’t have a lot of room to experiment, other than the walls and the floor. That’s why you often see powder rooms with bold wallpaper or a subtle and tasteful color scheme. While those are great options, tile might be a more sensible option for what is essentially a bathroom, especially for the walls. Mosaic tile backsplash could add the visual interest while still being practical, especially around the sink. You can opt for a bold color, or go for a more reserved option color-wise for the tile and add pops of color elsewhere.

Experimenting with Shapes Can Give Great Results

Who says everything in a small bathroom needs to be rectangular? If you want to experiment with shapes, the perfect powder room item you can do that with is the mirror above the sink. It could be the single most eye-drawing asset of your powder room. For example, sunburst mirrors bring both decoration and functionality into the mix and can look flawless with the right setup. If you’re going for a more subdued color scheme, opt for a bold, large mirror that could make for a sweet style statement. Alternatively, if you have the space to hang wall art, it could also be an excellent place to experiment with shapes and materials.

Flooring Brings It All Together

Flooring is a crucial element of any bathroom, and powder rooms are no exception. A decorative tile floor can seal the style deal and help you put the design together. If you’re going with a subtle look elsewhere, go bold with the flooring and implement some decoration. Alternatively, if you’ve made your style statement with mirrors, wallpaper or other elements, a beautiful, simple tile flooring will provide the eye with some respite and help it focus on what you want to put front and center.

Lighting Affects the Look

When designing a new space, you don’t immediately start thinking about light, but it does affect the final look. In a small area such as a powder room, the impact of lighting is even more apparent. For example, overhead light can be too bright and unflattering. An alternative option is installing sconces, which can be as soft as need be, while still adding an element of style to the powder room. They give off just enough eye-level light and avoid the spotlight effect, which is essential if you want to use the mirror.


Designing a Pinterest-worthy powder room can take some time and effort, but if you combine all elements correctly, you’ll certainly reap the rewards.