Tampa Tile | Create Your Under-The-Sea Bathroom
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Create Your Under-The-Sea Bathroom

Create Your Under-The-Sea Bathroom

Do you like the “blues”? Pun intended, but really, there is nothing that can bring a feeling of tranquility like the blueness of the ocean and the sound of crashing waves. Do you know that you can bring that feeling into your bathroom? Here are six ideas for an under-the-sea-bathroom.

Contemporary Warmth

To create a natural and sandy look that reminds of the beach, use smooth pebbles along the floor and wavy on the wall. That is a great way to move away from the traditional blue-green color palette for a modern bathroom, and the bath will maintain both a coastal and contemporary appearance.

Beachy Blues

With a blue color scheme, you can evoke a sense of coastal charm, without having to cover the bathroom in beachy décor. For the floors, you can use grass cloth-inspired porcelain on the floor and gray-blue glass subway tiles to cover the walls. Continue the sea-blue scheme with glass, marble, and mosaic tiles inside the shower. When looking through the glass shower door, it will become the bathroom’s focal point.

Coastal Cool

Paint a bathroom accent wall in a shade of maritime blue to transform it into a soothing coastal retreat. To create contrast against these blue accents, install sleek white tile floors, add a claw-foot tub, and beachy, breezy curtains. Grab some peel-and-stick ocean-inspired artwork for the walls for an extra touch of charm.

Turquoise Retreat

Use sea-blue mosaic glass tiles inside the shower and on the walls to mimic the hues of the water. Keep everything else in a fresh tone of white, including the vanity and walls.

Charming Display

Along with toiletries and toilets, you can install some built-in bookshelves to keep different coastal finds. Bathroom built-ins are the perfect storage option for any bathroom, but by displaying decorative items makes it look like any other room in the house.

Beach Waves

Bathe your bathroom walls in an oceanic blue hue and add a mosaic border with a calming wave pattern across the entire space. You can find a marble that’s cut into different mosaics to give the room a more sophisticated and chic feel.

Under-the-sea, nautical bathroom décor can take many forms – from a theme that runs consistently through the room to a few subtle accessories. Many homeowners choose to go with the maritime and seaside design because the style is very softly elegant and soothing. At Tampa Tile, we’ll be happy to help you find a way to create the perfect ocean getaway, right in your own home.