Tampa Tile | Create Your Own Modern Mexican Hacienda
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Create Your Own Modern Mexican Hacienda

Create Your Own Modern Mexican Hacienda

A modern Mexican-inspired home is a popular choice for an interior home design for people who love an Old World or Southwestern Spanish look. If you would like to call your home an “hacienda,” we’re pleased to share with you a few great ideas for inspiration. Here’s what you can do to incorporate a Spanish-style décor.

Traditional Mexican Accessories

To give a room a Mexican touch, add details like star-shaped recessed lighting or mirror-cloth pillows. Drape the chairs and other wooden furniture with a traditional Mexican garment called huipil, with embroideries that reflect the Mexican cultural identity. To bring an elegant touch, add dark iron candlestick lamps with silk shades and an arched headboard that resembles old Spanish doorway arches. To finish up, add some potted cactus or succulents.

Vibrant Colors for Your Kitchen

The culture of the country is vibrant and warm and is reflected in bright colors. For example; go with a green tea color for the cabinets and range hood, while the walls and pottery can take a deep orange color. Add some cultural artwork and metal tile backsplash on the wall, and the colors will complement each other in a way you wouldn’t believe. Rejuvenate the space with some modern black stools.

Talavera Tiles

For a genuine Mexican look, you should install Talavera Tiles. What is Talavera and why use it? It is tin-glazed pottery that the Spanish brought to Mexico in the 1st century of the Colonial period. These tiles became quite popular in homes across the U.S. because of the demand for tiles from the newly established churches in the neighborhood and the availability of fine clays. At Tampa Tile we have partnered with the best tile maker in Mexico to design authentic and exclusive handcrafted Mexican tiles for our clients. For a modern Mexican style use tile to add a statement wall to your family room, backsplash for your kitchen, or to decorate around a bathroom mirror or as a lining for your staircase. The uses are infinite and are all about the perfect tile.

Adobe Shower

Adobe is a natural material made from clay, sand, and water. The Pueblo Indians used it, and when the Spanish arrived, they made it into bricks. Nowadays, it’s widely popular in many Southwestern homes. Add a glass-block wall for retaining privacy while allowing some natural light in, while the shower wall’s round shape allows for a larger space.

Wrought-Iron Details

You can center your living room on a Cantera stone fireplace and incorporate wrought-iron details for adding elegance to the premise. In the past, wrought iron was used to protect doors and windows from invaders and for weapons. However, it became famous as a decorative material ad used in Spanish cathedrals. Stone elements, corbels, ceiling beams, and arches bring the Spanish architecture into the interior.

Southwestern Adobe Living Room

There is a lot of Pueblo Indian architecture elements in the Mexican-style homes, which Spanish explorers combined in the 16th century. It resulted in a style known as the Southwestern adobe style. To adorn the ceiling, use latillas and vigas, while for a Southwestern charm to the living room you can combine leather furnishings and Old-World rugs. Throw in an antler chandelier to complete the look, and you got yourself a living room in the Southwestern appeal.

Use clay pottery, rugs and cloth with traditional Mexican symbols, adobe bricks, rounded architecture, and a few oversized chandeliers here and there. In combination with bright colors, these elements will bring in the Mexican feel into your home.