Tampa Tile | Brass Decor is not Exclusive for Marble!
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Brass Decor is not Exclusive for Marble!

Brass Decor is not Exclusive for Marble!

In modern design, interior designers often use various metals as accents in a room. There’s practically a different trend every year — the past few years included a copper and rose gold craze as warm-toned metals began to surpass silver, chrome, and other cool-toned metals in decorating usage. However, in 2019 another metal is set to take the design trends stage: brass.


Of course, incorporating brass into your home decor isn’t a new idea, but it’s been making a comeback. And while already established as a staple in combination with some materials, particularly marble, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other ways. Let’s have a closer look at brass and how you can match it with other materials:


Brass and Marble


Designers love matching brass with white marble, as the warmth of the brass softens the harshness of white and gives the whole combination an illuminated, sophisticated feel. You’ll often see this combination in kitchens, with brass faucets and accents and white marble countertops. It’s certainly beautiful, but there are other materials brass pairs beautifully with as well.


Brass and Clear Materials


Transparent materials including glass are a winning combination with brass accents or decor items. A glass coffee table with brass legs in the living room comes to mind, paired with a few brass decorative items on the table. The shine of the transparent materials and brass will play off of one another, creating a beautiful effect.


Brass and Tile

If you’re looking to incorporate brass into your kitchen or bathroom and pair it with your gorgeous tile, you could add a brass – Schluter trim profile. It’s a thin trim around the tile that is ideal for drawing attention to a feature wall. It can look great, especially with mosaic or geometric tile.


Brass pairs exceptionally well with black and white, but if you wish to see it in a colorful bathroom, a vintage olive green will look great with it. Alternatively, you might consider adding brass accents to your beige tiled bathroom, as it would help bring in some warmth and make it look more inviting and exciting.


Brass in Different Design Styles


It doesn’t have to be all opulence and luxury despite the rich shine of brass. You could use it in industrial-inspired designs, opt for a matte brass finish for an edgier look, or make sure that your highly opulent living room brass decor is pared down by incorporating soft fabrics, warm colors and plenty of other cozy elements for a lived-in feel.


If you do want to go all-in and make it a central part of the luxurious design, pair brass with other precious materials like leather and faux-suede. To incorporate white marble into this type of plan will surely make your home look luxurious effortlessly.


As a favorite metal accent to use in various types of designs, brass is indeed worth having a look at if you’re planning to redecorate your home. But if you’re seeking a pairing other than white marble, look past the trend and discover the beauty of brass in different pairings.