Tampa Tile | 10 Ways to Bring Vintage to Your Home
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10 Ways to Bring Vintage to Your Home

10 Ways to Bring Vintage to Your Home

Vintage decor often graces the living spaces of homeowners who dare to be a little different. The beauty of vintage is that a little goes a long way, and it brings back the vibe of less hectic, calmer times that we tend to romanticize.

If you wish to bring vintage into your home, you’re in luck, because vintage decor is versatile and suitable for every room. Whether you’re starting small and subtle or you wish to make bold vintage statements, here are ten ways to use vintage decor in your home:

1. Showcase Your Old Books

Odds are you have a pile of old books stashed in a drawer somewhere out of sight. That’s a missed opportunity, because old books are a staple of vintage decor. Pair them up with a vintage bookcase or a carved wooden shelf for maximum effect.

2. Mix Modern with Traditional

Pairing a traditional desk with a modern desk chair can make your home office space look effortlessly vintage yet modern at the same time. The same goes for pairing a traditional dining table with contemporary chairs.

3. Transform Your Bathroom with Tile

Fan of colorful vintage designs? Evoke the vintage spirit by opting for peach, pink, or mint bathroom tile with black accents. You’d like your bathroom to be color-conservative but still vintage? In that case, white hex bathroom tile is the way to go!

4. Use Wooden Accents in Your Bathroom

You don’t have to change your entire bathroom to make it more vintage — adding a couple of wooden accents can be more than enough, depending on your plumbing fixtures. For example, you can repurpose old ladders into a towel rack, or place a wooden tray over your bathtub to store lotions and scrubs.

5. Mix Styles in the Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen style pairs extremely well with vintage furniture. Use subway tile of any color for the backsplash (though white is the most traditional), install Victorian-style floor tiles, and you’ll have a wonderful vintage kitchen before you know it.

 6. Keep Vintage Cabinets

Vintage cabinets can look great even in modern-style kitchens as long as they fit the space well. Consider giving them some love and attention to bring them up to standard with a new look instead of tearing them down.

7. Display Antique Dishes

You can use vintage china to decorate your home in many ways. If you want to go traditional, display it in a classic vintage cabinet. Antique dishes also work great as wall decor or candle holders.

8. Add (or Remove) Some Paint

Adding some pastel paint to a vintage piece can be a great way to add vintage charm without it feeling out of place. Or, for the extreme vintage vibe, use sandpaper to create the distressed paint effect and visually age up a table or other wooden furniture.

9. Use Decorative Tile

There’s nothing more vintage-looking than decorative hand-painted tile. It’s a great option for the kitchen backsplash, but if you want to be more creative, you could install some decorative rider tiles on your entryway staircase, or use it to frame a focal point of a living room, such as the fireplace.

10. Repurpose a Piece of Furniture for another Room

You may not have a lot of use for a vintage dresser in your room, but you could repurpose it into a television console or an art display centerpiece.

Starting small is perfectly fine when you’re trying to incorporate more vintage elements into your home. Call your mom or grandma and ask them if they have any items to spare for your vintage experimentation. You might fall in love with it!